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I used to write a lot last year and since I’ve been so busy with work I haven’t taken the proper time to start writing again. These last few days have undeniably defined this rollercoaster of emotion that I’ve been riding for the last year and I’ve taken advantage of my newly developed insomnia to jot some words down about my feelings and other thoughts that haunt me in my daily life. Kinda want to make a little book with these words that I’ve put together, maybe with some correlating photos or drawings or something nice and artsy like that. Or maybe I’ll just throw my laptop into the sea and burn every notebook that I’ve ever defiled with my so-called poetry. Happy face.

Fiona Coyne - Saint Pepsi

My friend Ryan aka Saint Pepsi has a new record coming out on Carpark Records (Beach House, Toro y Moi, Cloud Nothings) this summer, you can pre-order the 7” here and here! So stoked to see how much well-deserved success and recognition this dude has gotten over the past few months. Hope you’re ready for #SUMMEROFPEPSI!